Arc Ship Management & Chartering LLC provides knowledge based services to the Shipping Management industry. Our professional experts and technical specialists attending to manage projects, devote superlative efforts to perform optimally to minimise downtime of shipping assets.

Our attending Project Managers take authority over all areas of the scope and supervise the teams and personnel as deemed necessary.

On operational ships, the Master remains the final authority on the security and safety of the vessel, safety of all the personnel on board (including staff, workers and visitors), safety of the cargo on board and the environment. The Project Managers liaise with the Master (or assigned client’s representative) to share and address any concerns, project status and progress. Co-operation by client’s employees is necessary for successful attendances.

These ‘General Terms and Conditions’ apply, unless otherwise agreed in writing, to all services and work performed by an authorised representative of Al ARC Ship Management for a client / customer / principal.

Issuance of a Purchase Order or Work Order by client / customer, or arrangements to visit site / ship, or an email approval, or actual attendance to perform a job by Al 'Arc Ship Management & Chartering LLC' personnel is deemed to be an acceptance of quote and confirmation of compliance with the listed Terms and Conditions herein.

These conditions shall form an integral part of all contracts and agreements. Customer may not change or cancel any Purchase Order or Work Order after it has been received by Al Arc Ship Management & Chartering LLC unless such change or cancellation is agreed in writing by Al Arc Ship Management & Chartering LLC's Management.

All services provided by Arc Ship Management & Chartering LLC shall be provided to clients’ / customer / principal on their behalf and shall be clearly understood and accepted to mean "On Client's behalf, as Agents only"