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Approved by Indian Register of Shipping (IRS) for use on board lifeboats and life rafts. The below product are packed in high quality packaging and used for Rescue Crafts and Life Rafts.

Emergency Food Ration
  • Approved by the Seafaring authorities in all the major shipping nations.
  • Vegetarian.
  • One standard ration for all flags.
  • Available from stockholders in all major ports of the world.
  • Superior quality exceeding all requirements.
  • Provides a balanced diet for survival at sea.
  • Complies with SOLAS 74 /ISO 18813:2006.
  • Emergency Ration consists of compressed food tablets of approx. 20.33g each.
  • Each unit (500g net) contains 24 tablets packed in 6 bars with grease-proof paper.
  • The 9 bars are packed under vacuum in air and watertight aluminium-foil.
  • This unit is protected by a water repellent cardboard box.
  • Unit: 24 tablets packed in 6 bars.

Shelf life: 5 years shelf life unconditionally.

Emergency Drinking Water

Emergency drinking water is used in life rafts, lifeboats and inflatable rescue boats. Contains ½ litre water per bag packed in 50 ml portions.

  • Complies with ISO 18813:2006.

Shelf life: Five years unconditionally from the date of production marked on the packaging.

Assembly of the First Aid Kit

We are into assembly of the First Aid Kit which is critical to survival, containing medicine as per marine safety (LSA) rules intended for life rafts and Life boats.

  • Complies with ISO 18813:2006.

The Sea Water Activated Cell (silver chloride magnesium type) generate 1.5 V. It is used for Life Raft Cell & it is discharged for 12 hours at 160 MA current. The overall dimension is 93 x 26 x 12 mm and maximum weight 40 grams with Light unit.

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