At ARC SHIP, we offer unparalleled expertise in managing a diverse array of mechanical tasks, catering to the intricate needs of maritime operations. From the thorough preservation of lay-up vessels to the meticulous oversight of dry dock endeavors, our seasoned team of engineers stands ready to deliver top-tier solutions. We specialize in an array of mechanical services, ensuring the seamless functionality of essential ship systems.

Pump Overhauling Excellence

We possess extensive expertise in conducting comprehensive overhauls on a variety of pump models, including seawater pumps, freshwater pumps, lube-oil pumps, as well as both reciprocating and centrifugal pump configurations.

Through precise procedures executed by our adept technicians, we undertake the restoration of pump systems with a focus on enhancing performance and bolstering reliability.

Comprehensive Cooler Servicing and Pressure Testing

Our services encompass thorough servicing and rigorous pressure testing for coolers, guaranteeing their optimal operation and structural integrity.

Leveraging advanced methodologies, our technicians adeptly identify and rectify any underlying issues with coolers, ensuring peak performance and longevity.

Rely on ARC SHIP for dependable and efficient mechanical solutions custom-tailored to your vessel's unique requirements. Our seasoned team is committed to optimizing the performance and reliability of mechanical systems, thereby minimizing downtime and enhancing operational efficiency. Contact us today to explore our comprehensive suite of mechanical services and discover how we can elevate your maritime endeavors to new heights of excellence.

Why Choose ARC SHIP?

Our company specializes in providing comprehensive overhaul services for both reciprocating and centrifugal pump varieties, including seawater pumps, freshwater pumps, and lube-oil pumps. Additionally, we offer expert cleaning and retubing services for heat exchangers and condensers of different types. With our skilled team, we are committed to delivering top-notch quality work, cost-effectiveness, and meeting deadlines consistently. Our dedication to excellence ensures client satisfaction and optimal performance of marine equipment.

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