Safeguarding lives and property is paramount, requiring dependable life-saving and firefighting appliances. Our company offers a comprehensive array of services, ensuring your premises are equipped with top-tier systems maintained to the highest safety standards. From fixed fire detection and alarm systems to portable foam applicators, we provide complete solutions.

Fixed Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

Specializing in installation, maintenance and monitoring, we ensure early detection and swift response to potential fire hazards with advanced systems.

Breathing Apparatus

Prioritizing safety, our services include inspection, maintenance and testing of breathing apparatus to ensure readiness for hazardous environments.

Fire Mains, Fire Pumps, Hydrants, Hoses and Nozzles

Offering a full range of services, we ensure reliable water supply and effective firefighting capabilities.

Water Mist, Water Spray and Sprinkler Systems

Providing comprehensive solutions, we optimize the performance of water-based systems through regular maintenance, testing and certification.

Firefighter's Outfit

Prioritizing the safety of firefighting personnel, we inspect,  maintain and certify firefighter's outfits to meet safety standards and provide maximum protection.

Portable Foam Applicators and Wheeled Fire Extinguishers

Inspection, maintenance, refilling services and certification to ensure readiness for immediate use in fire emergencies.

Fixed CO2 Extinguishing Systems

Trained technicians install, inspect, maintain and certify fixed CO2 extinguishing systems, providing rapid and efficient suppression of fires in enclosed spaces.

Fixed Gas Fire-Extinguishing Systems

With vast experience, our team designs, installs and services fixed gas fire-extinguishing systems, tailored to effectively suppress fires in critical areas.

Foam Fire-Extinguishing System

Expert services ensure operational readiness of foam fire-extinguishing systems, effective against flammable liquid fires.

Fixed Dry Chemical Powder Systems

Specializing in installation and maintenance, we offer effective suppression of Class A, B and C fires.

Fixed Aerosol Extinguishing Systems

Our services ensure optimal functionality of aerosol extinguishing systems, ready to suppress fires effectively.

Why Choose ARC SHIP?

Choose us for your marine fire fighting needs and sail with peace of mind. Our comprehensive services encompass inspection, maintenance, and certification of all vessel fire fighting systems, meticulously aligned with SOLAS guidelines, safeguarding lives and ensuring safety on the open seas.

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