Professional Inspection and Certification Services for Vital Life-Saving Equipment

The assurance of the functionality and reliability of life-saving equipment stands as a cornerstone of maritime safety. At ARC SHIP, we offer professional inspection and certification services meticulously aligned with the stringent guidelines of the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) protocol. Our holistic approach encompasses all critical facets of life-saving equipment, guaranteeing compliance and preparedness for exigent circumstances.

Lifebuoys and Life-Jackets

Rigorous inspection and certification to validate buoyancy, condition and adherence to SOLAS stipulations.

Ensuring the implementation of proper maintenance and storage protocols to uphold operational efficacy.

Immersion Suits, Anti-exposure Suits and Thermal Protective Aids

Thorough evaluation to ascertain integrity and insulation properties of immersion suits, anti-exposure suits and thermal protective aids.

Verification of accessibility and deployment mechanisms to facilitate swift donning during emergencies.

Lifeboats & Rescue Boats

Exhaustive scrutiny encompassing hull integrity, propulsion systems and launching mechanisms of lifeboats and rescue boats.

Testing of on-board equipment, including oars, lifeboat engines and navigational aids, to ensure seamless functionality.


Detailed examination to assess structural integrity, inflation systems and provision of survival equipment within life-rafts.

Certification based on capacity, buoyancy and strict adherence to SOLAS standards.

Launching and Embarkation Mechanisms

Comprehensive assessment of launching and embarkation mechanisms, encompassing davits, winches and cranes.

Verification of manual and automatic release systems to guarantee safe deployment in emergency scenarios.

Marine Evacuation System

Inspection of marine evacuation systems, including inflatable slides and chutes, to verify functionality and accessibility.

Testing of evacuation procedures and crew training to ensure efficient passenger embarkation and evacuation.

Rocket Parachute Flares and Hand-Held Flares

Methodical verification of functionality, expiration dates and storage conditions of rocket parachute flares and hand-held flares.

Conducting test firings to validate their efficacy in signaling distress situations.

Line-Throwing Apparatus and Buoyant Smoke Signaling Devices

Thorough inspection and certification of usability and adherence to SOLAS regulations for line-throwing apparatus and buoyant smoke signaling devices.

Assessment of ropes, projectiles and smoke canisters to ensure reliability during rescue operations.

General / Emergency Alarm System

Evaluation of general and emergency alarm systems for reliability, audibility and comprehensive coverage throughout the vessel.

Testing of alarm activation mechanisms and seamless integration with other safety systems to ensure timely emergency notifications.

Why Choose ARC SHIP?

ARC SHIP stands committed to elevating maritime safety standards through meticulous inspection and certification services for life-saving equipment. Our unwavering dedication to SOLAS guidelines ensures that vessels uphold the highest standards of readiness to effectively respond to emergencies. Contact us today to schedule an inspection and fortify the compliance and reliability of your life-saving equipment.

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